Tips to boost your Android smartphone

By Sachin Deo Verma            June 21, 2022

Quick hacks to speed up the Android Phone

Using live wallpapers, several widgets, a search bar, and other similar apps on the home screen hinder the performance, so try not to use them. 

Keep your home screen clean

It's a good to regularly delete the cache memory of various apps to boost the device performance. Head to Settings>[App]>Storage>Clear Cache

Clear your cache data

You should keep enabled the "Data Saver" mode at all times as it helps in reducing data usage by preventing apps to run in the background.

Enable Data Saver

We often forget to close the apps by swiping them down thus keeping them running in the background; it's a bad habit though.

Always Close Apps properly

Apps like Google Photos and others ask for permissions for auto-sync; but you can control it by Settings of your Android phone.

Disable Auto-sync for apps

To avoid malicious attacks, malware, and spyware on your Android, it is strongly suggested to download apps from Google Play Store only.

Install apps from Play Store

Your smartphone makers keep working to provide operating system and security updates. Do it at once whenever prompted.

Update your OS on TIme

At times when nothing works in improving the device performance, factory reset can be the last resort.

Factory reset can save you