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Tricks to boost your Windows 11 PC

By Sachin Deo Verma            July 05, 2022

Is your Microsoft Windows 11 PC or Laptop is responding slowly?  That's a common issue with windows users. Yry these tips to speed up your PC.

Your PC might be runing slow due to storage space issues cruch. You can delete temporary files by going to System>Storage>Remove files.

Free up storage space

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Removing non-required programs and apps from the system can boost your PC. Go to Settings>Apps>Apps & Features>[Program]>Uninstall 

Remove any unused programs

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Defragmenting is an essential to do in a Windows helping in organizing files in a usable manner. Go to Start>Defragment & Optimize Drives> Select drive>Optimize

DefragGing Storage Space

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Adjusting visual and animation effects gives the freedom to make UI changes based on your usage. Go Start menu, search Visual effect and the needful.

Disable Visual Effects

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You simply can't uninstall pre-loaded programs causing slowdown. However, it can be done using the Windows Debloater script provided by third-parties.

Remove Bloatware from PC

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Increasing the RAM capacity and switching from HDD to SSD storage into Windows PC ensures faster and smoother performance.

Upgrade your hardware