In summer, AC brings great relief but people make many small mistakes that ultimately reduce AC cooling. If you are going through the such problems, then these tips can help in enhancing the AC cooling.

Modern ACs offer a plenty of different modes to operate the cooling appliance. Among all, it is advisable to mostly use the Cool Mode which is best for maximum cooling.

Opening and closing the door of the room repeatedly when the AC is on or keeping the window open severely impacts the cooling effect. Try to keep the door and windows shut for maximum time so that the cold air stays inside the room.

Rooms with direct sunlight bring trouble to the AC in cooling. So, take special attention to putting dark curtains on your windows for a better chilling cold experience.

Keep in mind that if you have split AC, never place the indoor part towards or just above the door of the room, otherwise the cold air will leak more often and will not produce enough cooling. 

The number of people also affects the cooling efficiency of the AC. The more people in the room, the longer time your AC will take to cool down the room.

If right cooling is desired, then it is necessary to choose AC according to the size of the room. For ex- if you install 1 ton AC in a big room, then the cooling will be certainly less.

To improve AC's cooling, it is important to clean the AC filters often or every 15 days. A cleaner AC filter delivers better airflow for maximum cooling.

The split part of the AC should not be directly exposed to sunlight, otherwise, there will be problems with cooling. Also, any hindrance to the face of the split part results in poor airflow, so keep it clear.

The last but the most important tip for better cooling is regular maintenance and servicing of the AC. It not only brings better cooling but also improves the life of the AC.