Lately, UPI has become the most convenient method to do online payments or to send money to someone. UPI payments, however, require the use of an app as well as a constant internet connection. Therefore, it is difficult to pay someone when you are experiencing connectivity issues.

But, did you know you don’t always need an internet connection to make UPI payments? Payments through UPI can also be made offline. This means even if UPI users may encounter difficulty as a result of slow internet, they can make the payments.

With USSD code *99#, UPI users can make payments in offline mode through their phones. Users must have their mobile numbers linked with their banks, however, before they can make UPI payments through *99#.

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How to make UPI Payments Offline

To make UPI payments offline, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *99# from your phone’s dialer

2. You will be given the option of selecting the language you want. Press 1 to select English.

3. A dialog box will appear asking you to enter your bank’s name or the first 4 characters of your bank’s IFSC code.

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4. A menu will appear with a number of options. We only need to send money, so press 1 and send.

5. Choose the option through which you want to send money to the recipient via UPI. If you want to do it using a mobile number, select option 1

6. Enter the mobile number associated with the receiver’s bank account

7. Enter the amount you wish to send and press send; add a comment about the payment

8. Enter your UPI PIN as the final step

After this, you won’t need an internet connection to complete your transaction. You can also disable your UPI by dialing *99#.


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