Samsung Electronics has announced a new memory technology for phones called uMCP which stands for UFS-based multichip package. It is an integration of LPDDR5 DRAM with UFS 3.1 NAND flash on one chip. Due to this unified design, uMCP takes less space within phones and should bestow better performance and efficiency.

By bringing both memory chips closer reduces latency or differently put, improves speed. It also lowers the power consumption taken otherwise in their bilateral communication. In figures, Samsung claims this should be around a 50% rise in DRAM and 2x NAND flash performance.

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All these gains should reflect while processing heavy tasks, especially in the forthcoming 5G times. And not just flagships, the benefits should trickle down to mainstream models too.

Then there’s the aforementioned size benefit. The uMCP chip measures just 11.5mm x 13mm which means it will consume less space internally and the space saved will be allotted to other components.

The company has already completed compatibility testing of uMCP with various leading smartphone makers, and has started uMCP’s mass production. Further, it expects uMCP equipped mid-range and top-rung phones to hit the market as early as this month.

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“Samsung’s new LPDDR5 uMCP is built upon our rich legacy of memory advancements and packaging know-how, enabling consumers to enjoy uninterrupted streaming, gaming and mixed reality experiences even in lower-tier devices,” said Young-soo Sohn, vice president of the Memory Product Planning Team at Samsung Electronics. “As 5G-compatible devices become more mainstream, we anticipate that our latest multichip package innovation will accelerate the market transition to 5G and beyond, and help to bring the metaverse into our everyday lives a lot faster.”


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