After passing the beta test, Apple’s full throttle version of iOS 11 is finally available on all recent iPhone models. The new iOS looks cool and has never been more powerful and personal. The OS learns from your usage and lets you customize the settings according to your personal needs.

Apart from this, Apple has inducted some cool new settings and shortcuts in the iOS 11 and here is a list of changes in iOS 11 that matter.

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More Control on Control Center

Apple’s iOS 11 control center can now accommodate all the necessary shortcuts like Alarm, Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness, Volume Control, and other settings, under one single screen. This way you don’t have to swipe around or visit different screens looking for the same settings.

However, on the downside, some shortcuts are tucked away and the new setting demands Deep Press or a long press on icons to access a setting within a setting, like a Deep press on brightness indicator will provide you access to night mode and more.

Mod Your Control Center

The second feature of iOS 11 is that you can actually customise or modify the control setting according to your needs. You can choose the shortcuts that you wish to use in your control center from a list.

Emergency Mode

If you are struck by an emergency, you can now safeguard your iPhone’s data from data thieves. The iOS 11 is backed by an Emergency Mode, this way you can lock your device by continuous pressing of sleep/wake button to activate Emergency Mode (on iPhone X it is the sleep/wake and volume button, together).

In Emergency Mode your touch and face ID will disable and your iPhone remains locked.

Share Wifi with iPhone Buddies

The new feature on the iOS 11 allows you to share WiFi with your iPhone buddies without password configuration. Means that if you are in your friend’s place and want to connect the WiFi network, your friend simply has to approve the connection on his device from his iOS device or iMac.

Record Your Screen

With iOS 11, you can record whatever you do on the screen. To make that happen you have to add a custom shortcut to your Control Center and after three-second-countdown, it will record everything you do on your iPhone/iPad and save the video in your photo library.

Customize Airpod Controls

The iOS 11 allows you to customise AirPods settings. For instance, you can double tap on the left AirPod to activate Siri and double tap on right AirPod to skip to next track. You will get the setting under the Bluetooth option.

Apple Maps Goes Google Maps Way

The update of Apple Maps on iOS 11, now accommodates map of Malls and Airport inside the app. You can now navigate to nearest multi-story market and navigate to different floors. This is a big step forward for Apple Maps, which has put the app equivalent to Google Maps. This feature isn’t available for all locations as of now.

Driving: iPhone Won’t Disturb You

The new iOS 11 automatically detects when your hands are on the wheel, to put your iPhone on Do Not Disturb Mode. When this is on, iOS silences all notifications so that your attention always remain on the road ahead.

Save GIFs on iPhone

Well, in iOS 11, you can now download and save any GIFs to your photo library and share it later. The photo app will store and display all your favorite GIFs

Screenshot Feature

In the screenshot, iOS 11 goes Snapchat and Instagram way. When you screenshot in iOS 11, a thumbnail appears on bottom left corner and if you open it, you can crop the screenshot, add notes to it or open it in another app.

Eject All Unused Apps

The App Store settings in iOS 11, allow users to automatically delete apps you don’t use frequently. Icons won’t disappear from your phone but the next time you will try to open the app it will first ask you to download it from the App Store. again.

Scan QR Codes

The camera in iOS 11 can automatically detect QR code. You just have to roll your iPhone camera over the QR Code and it will read it. That simple.

High-Quality Photos in Smaller Size

iPhone cameras can shoot some of the best quality images and videos but, but moving those heavy files to your iCloud could be expensive.

This has changed with iOS 11. The new iOS saves the picture and videos in HEIF and HEVC format, which means that your media file will be half the size for the same quality. And if you look to transfer the image to your PC and non-iOS device they will be converted to standard JPEG and MP4.

iPad Keyboard

The iPad keyboard comes with a faded gray symbols on top of every letter. The benefit it holds is that you can swipe your finger down on a key to type the faded number or symbol, without switching the keyboard.


iOS 11 is pulling some new tricks on the iPad’s notes app like you can now scan documents using Notes app. Also, the Notes app can now index your handwriting so that you can search for your notes later.

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