The reports of smartphones exploding and catching fire are becoming common day by day. It was only yesterday that we reported about Poco’s M3 exploding and today we have a new case wherein the scenario is no different.

An Agra resident named Ashish Singh claims his under-warranty Galaxy A12 exploded and caught fire even before he could pay all his EMIs.

He shared his story with Smartprix which comes across as a disturbing series of events. He says he was traveling on his bike when he felt that his phone (which was in his pocket at the time) was suddenly heating up. So he immediately stopped the bike and placed the smartphone on the ground. And in a few moments, as he was looking at it, smoke started coming out of the phone and it caught fire. This was apparently followed by him using sand to extinguish the fire.

Later he claims to have reached out to the local service center of the company where they kept his smartphone under examination for 15 days. The center returned the phone saying that there were no issues with it. Rather, they argued it had exploded due to extreme external pressure.

If this has happened how the user claims, then it is a cause of worry for such blasts endanger the safety of the users besides the obvious monetary loss.

Smartprix has tried reaching out to Samsung but till the time of writing this article, we haven’t received any official statement from the company. We will be sharing an update as soon as we have it. Also, we hope both parties communicate and reach an amicable resolution.


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