sennheiser sport launch in indiA

Sennheiser finally launched its new set of SPORTS headphones in India. It was initially launched in January 2015 at CES (consumer electronics show) but it was not available for the Indian market back then. This new range of sennheiser headphones also won the red dot award for best product design of 2015. This SPORTS range of sennheiser headphones include 4 headphones namely PMX 686, OCX 686, MX 686 and CX 686. The MX 686 Sport and CX 686 sport are priced at 4,990 INR, whereas the PMX 686 Sport and OCX 686 Sport that are also available for the iPhone users are priced at 7,990 INR each.

sennheiser sport  review

A lot of emphasis has been put in designing these products and that shows quite evidently. The OCT 686 and PMX 686 comes with a neckband design to provide additional security whereas The CX 686 and MX 686 comes with a tried and tested slide-to-fit ear-adapter for ease and comfort. All the four headphone that included in this SPORTS range include in-built mic and remote to control various aspects like controlling the volume, changing the track or receiving or hanging up calls.

Different headphones have different uses. For example, The CX 686 SPORT and OCX 686 SPORT has an closed ear-canal design which is best suited for indoor purposes whereas The MX 686 SPORT and PMX 686 SPORT has open acoustics that allows external sounds for better awareness of your surroundings. All the headphones in this range are extremely durable and well known for their tangle free cable. The Sennheiser’s range of sports headphones is expected to get a similar response form the Indian users as it got from other users from around the world.


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