Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro in depth Review with india Price

South Korean smartphone company Samsung has won the patent for the design of what is going to turn out to be a very unusual looking smartphone (if at all the plan takes shape, that is).

Source – Patently Mobile

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Judging by what it appears to be, the shape of the design bears a striking resemblance to that of a baseball bat and is being called a ‘display device’ by the company and that is what it will likely be.

Joining the patent and strengthening the claims is a series of photographs that try to give an impression of how the device would actually function.

According to one of the images, the device goes completely blank when turned off but when turned on, it displays a collection of icons, similar to the ones that are there in a smartphone.

The presence of the classic phone icon in the photograph that displays the device in its ‘on’ stage has fueled further speculations that the device may actually be a smartphone.

Source – Patently Mobile

However, it appears highly unlikely and maybe the would be gadget will be used for making and receiving calls only. Odds are in favor of the device being one that is fit to be kept on the office desk.

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Also, there is no port at the bottom, meaning it may be intended to fit in with some kind of a dock (that’s not there in the images, though).

Samsung patent for possibly a next-gen vehicle instrument panel

In addition to this, the company has also won the patents for what can be considered to be the first of its kind vehicle instrument panel to be possibly used to mimic, real-time movement of the vehicle and thus, coming in handy for navigation purposes.

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Other than that, there is one more patent, which illustrates  three types of camera smartphones.


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