South Korean company Samsung has unwrapped its ‘In-Traffic Reply’ mobile application, that it is working upon. Currently, the app is under the beta testing phase in the Netherlands, and is aimed at preventing car or bike riders from texting while driving.

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However, this is not the company’s first foray into the road safety scene, having introduced an ‘S Bike Mode’, turning on which enables the user to send a pre-recorded message to the caller informing him/her that he’s currently driving and will not be able to talk.


It supported gestures too, enabling the driver to reject the call with a gesture, and allowed calls to go through only when the caller pressed 1, thereby filtering out those calls that are not urgent and can be dealt with later. The feature came pre-installed in the company’s J3 (2016) handset.

Coming back to the app, it has been designed so that it will automatically respond to text messages when the user is on a bike or is riding a car.

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It will make use of the phone’s sensors as well as the GPS to make out whether you are traveling or not and will send preset text replies to the sender, either through the default ‘I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment’ text or through some sort of animation, with further customisation also on the cards.


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The full version of the app will be made public on the Google Play Store around mid-May, although it is yet not clear as to how it will differentiate between a passenger and a driver given the fact that it switches on automatically once it detects motion.


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