South Korean smartphone maker Samsung was earlier supposed to exhibit its Galaxy X1 and Galaxy X1 Plus foldable smartphones at the MWC last month. Presently, it appears that the organization is inching nearer towards making its foldable smartphone a reality.

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As indicated by a recent report from ET News, Samsung has given the green signal for the beginning of the production of the very first foldable phone prototype, which will start manufacturing in the third quarter of this year.

According to the report, the company would first test the quality and performance of these handsets internally and check reactions from the market ahead of time by providing them to their significant clients, for example, mobile network providers.

Large scale manufacturing of Samsung’s foldable smartphone could start as early as one year from now, given the fact that everything goes smoothly.

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In November last year, Samsung won the patents for flexible display by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.The report additionally asserts that the company intends to put its foldable handsets “one-stage higher than regular flagship smartphones”.

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Similar to Samsung, smartphone companies, such as Apple, LG, and Microsoft, too have registered for similar foldable phone patents in the past couple of years, demonstrating they may deal with something alike in the future.

Well, if Samsung does indeed come out successful in this endeavor, this could very well usher in an era of a whole lot of portable foldable gadgets and IoT devices, that could eventually be the norm in the days to come.


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