samsung galaxy s6 review

Samsung has issued its first update for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Supposedly, the update was introduced to improve the performance of the handheld device as well as to add a few new features to it. The update starts automatically as soon as your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. It is highly recommended that you must let the update to finish its proceedings and you must not turn off your device or for that matter your Wi-Fi while your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is being updated. The update is of 252.98 MB and will require a high speed Wi-Fi connection to start the proceedings.   Even though the update does not make any difference to the android version but the bandwidth is changed from G925IDVU1AOC1 to G925IDVU1AOD2.

samsung galaxy s6  features

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge OTA Update features include the following changes:

  • Improved fingerprint recognition process for the handheld device
  • Minor Glitches and bug fixes for smoother performance
  • Improved compatibility with external as well as internal accessories
  • New and improved looks and features for photo editor
  • Enhanced interface quality for on the go Email, Music and other supported applications

Even though, the update works perfectly fine with most of the devices but In case your handheld hangs or becomes unresponsive you can reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously for 7 or more seconds. Samsung has also made some efforts to fix the issues related to its camera flash. All in all, it is a good update that has resolved a lot of its persistent glitches to give you a pretty smooth Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge experience.


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