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With an impressive creation of its flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S6, it has been the leader brand in the premium segment of the smart devices. And with Samsung, these device are just getting even smarter. Galaxy S6 has been introduced as the prime rival against Apple iPhone 6. Although Galaxy S6 has been a real benchmark of astounding features and specifications, yet the price associated with it could be a real setback.

samsung galaxxy s6 review and galaxy s6 edge review

Well the news of the hour is that the flagship inductees, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have already gone up for pre-order in Europe, excluding the biggest smartphone market nation UK. The Korean company’s new flagship range is now available for pre-order in the British Isles, although Samsung has not made it official yet. One eBay vendor is selling the 32 GB Galaxy S6 for £549.99, while the Galaxy S6 Edge with 64 GB of storage comes in at £649.99. The retailer says both devices will start shipping April 10. Stay tuned to see what the future hold for Samsung Galaxy S6 and if it could really succeed in sweating out Apple iPhone 6. The battle is unleashed!



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