Indian aviation authorities have lifted the ban imposed on in-flight usage of Samsung Galaxy Note7. The ban has been lifted for the Note7 units purchased after 15 September 2016 and the phones with ‘green battery icon’.

Post numerous reported instances of exploding Note 7 batteries, Director General of Civil Aviation on September 9 had directed flyers to refrain from using or charging the Galaxy Note 7 when on the flight. Authorises have also prohibited flyers from stowing away their smartphone in checked-in luggage.


Customers can identify the new Galaxy Note7 with the ‘green battery icon’. Devices displaying this visual icon are safe to charge and use during the flight. Samsung quoted the DGCA in a released statement.

Samsung India is yet to commence the sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in the country and if reports are to be believed it is expected to start in the month of October. The company said that all the Note 7 phone which will be sold in the India will have the ‘green battery icon’ that certifies that it’s a “safe” device. “Devices displaying this visual icon are safe to charge and use during the flight,” Samsung said.

“We recognize the inconvenience this has caused to customers, flyers and airline authorities, and remain committed towards customer safety,” a spokesperson for Samsung India said.


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