11 Redmi Note 8 Pro Hidden Features, Tips, and Tricks

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The Redmi Note 8 Pro sees Xiaomi returning to MediaTek after a long break. The Helio G90T powering the new note is quite a capable gaming chipset, one that’s duly assisted by MIUI software. 

Xiaomi’s software is rich in customization options while being easy to navigate. If you own a Redmi Note 8 Pro (review) and are looking for ways to get more out of your phone, here are a few things that you should try! 

1. Remove Ads on Redmi Note 8 Pro

It’s not likely that you’d get rid of ads altogether, but you can surely remove them from some of the most prominent places. Here’s what you can do. 


Remove home screen suggestions: Long press anywhere (empty space) on the home screen and tap on Settings. Now from the launcher settings, turn off recommended.

Remove recommended apps from App vault: The app vault, which is the left-most home screen pane on Xiaomi phones, also shows app recommendations. just hit the settings wheel on top and remove the recommended option. You may also customize and make app vault a useful tool from the same place.  

Disable app scanner: You will also see recommendations and ads on the scanner screen whenever you install an app. To disable these, tap on the settings icon, and then disable all the highlighted options in the image above.

Similarly, you can also disable lock screen magazine content from Settings>>wallpaper or disable ads in individual apps like the cleaner, Applock, file manager, browser, video, and music players, etc. from the respective app settings.

2. Manage Alexa

The Redmi Note 8 Pro is the first phone in India to launch with Alexa integration out of the box. Unfortunately, Alexa didn’t work very smooth for us (and we tried on 2 different units), but we have heard that it is working better for some of you guys.

If you are annoyed by the Alexa notifications, you can long-press the notification icon and turn them off. The erratic behavior was also noticed after using the cleaner app.

You may customize Alexa Under Settings>> Alexa. If Alexa is the assistant you primarily use, you may also set it as your default assistant.  Go to Settings>> Apps>> manage apps>> triple dot>> default apps. From here, select Alexa as your Voice Assistant and Assist app.

3. Try dark mode and Adjust colors

The dark mode is all the rage these days and for good reason. If you wish to try dark mode across the UI and across popular apps that you use, go to settings>> Display and toggle the ‘Dark Mode’ on.

From the same menu, you may also adjust color temperature and opt for warmer tones that are less harsh on the eyes.  The color customization works only for the “Automatic contrast” mode.

4. Blur Recent Apps

The recent apps Window show snippets of what you have been doing within apps and this can seriously compromise your privacy. Someone casually switching apps on your phone could see your bank balance or notes that you have been jotting.

The Redmi Note 8 Pro has the option to blur recent apps. To do so, go to home screen settings by long-pressing anywhere on the home screen and then tapping on the settings option. Now select ‘more’ settings options and enable the “Blur Preview” option in the next menu. You can next select apps who’s previews you wish to blur.

5. Quick replies 

This is not exactly the same quick replies that Google added to Android 10. But under Settings>> Special features, Redmi Note 8 Pro has a quick reply option that you can enable for selected messaging apps.

Once enabled, you will see a text field under incoming message notifications and will be able to type and reply to these messages directly from the floating notifications without switching the app.

6. Call Identification and Call Recording

Truecaller has grown increasingly spammy and though we don’t have proper third party alternatives, OEMs have stepped up to provide inbuilt alternatives on their phones. 

Similar to brands like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and OnePlus, Xiaomi too has an inbuilt call identification feature in call settings. You can access the same by opening the dialer app and then proceeding to settings. The caller ID feature works well and will only get better as more consumers start using it.

In the same menu, you will also find an option to manage call recordings options. From here you may put select or all contacts on auto call recording and manage other call record settings.

7. Headphone and audio effects

If you are an audiophile and would prefer to fine-tune audio via headphones on Redmi Note 8 Pro, you will find an equalizer and other Xiaomi-headphones-based audio presents under Settings>> Sound and vibration>> earphones. 

If audio customization is your thing or if you own a Xiaomi headphone, this could be a handy tool.

8. Monitor and limit your phone usage

As indispensable our phones may be, they are also a constant source of distraction and can weigh down on your productivity and overall well being. It’s important that you limit or at the very least monitor your daily phone usage.

An effective tool that lets you do that is Digital Wellbeing.  Go to Settings >> digital well being>> Dashboard, and from here you can monitor and set a time limit for individual apps. After your permitted time runs out, the particular app will still work but it will be greyed out. 

9. Make Face Unlock faster

If Face recognition is your preferred means of unlocking your phone, you can make it a hair faster by enabling raise to wake. As soon as you pick the phone from your table, the face unlock will get into action and you will be able to get through a tad faster. Kind of similar to what Project Soli does, right?

To enable raise to wake, go to Settings>> Lockscreen >> raise to wake. 

10. Remap buttons

If there are things you frequently do on your phones and if you wish to speed up such actions, you can assign dedicated soft or hard buttons to them.

All buttons and shortcuts options on Redmi Note 8 Pro are listed under Settings >> Additional Settings>> Buttons and shortcuts.

To eliminate navigation buttons altogether, go to Settings>> Full-screen display and select gestures.

11. Turn off floating notifications

Floating notifications can be really intrusive and you might not random notifications from random apps to interrupt your experience. At the same time, these floating notifications can be very convenient at times when you are waiting for an OTP to arrive or when you don’t want to miss out on important chat messages.

The Redmi Note 8 Pro has the required options that let you choose specific apps that you don’t mind pushing notifications to your screen. Go to Settings>> Notifications>> floating notifications and choose your preferred apps.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8 Pro currently runs MIUI 10 and is likely to get the new MIUI 11 by the beginning of 2020. Apart from the features we have mentioned above, you may also try other popular MIUI customization options like second space, dual apps,  quick ball, game mode, and the customizable one-hand mode. You may simply search for features that you are looking for in the search bar at the top of the settings menu.

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Deepak has more than 8 years of experience in covering technology for several eminent publications in India. He currently leads an enthusiastic team of young writers at Smartprix and tries to uphold the highest quality standards.

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I am facing selection issues since a month now. Not able to select any picture or text . not even able to use the copy paste feature….let me know how to fix this

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Hi Can anyone please tell me how to secure my control centre. As even when my phone is locked a a stranger can turn my data off my location off and steal my phone. Pls help I have the redmi note 8 pro

3 years ago

Call recording now available with recent update.

4 years ago

This phone is just rubbish….. Big for nothing, no call recording, when reading on the phone it will just take you to the home page. Am regretting buying the redmi note 8 pro. Is just a waste of money.

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Great article

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Is there inbuilt feature of video calling in mi note 8 pro

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Call recording doesn’t work. Wish i knew that before purchasing the phone.

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