British Condoms have added smarts in the most mundane of wearable, a condom. The i.Con, as it’s being called, is “the world’s first Smart condom” that can size itself automatically, charges kinetically, syncs with your phone and vibrate every time you get a notification, is IP68 water resistant certified, and can be washed and reused over and over again.

Ok, that’s not true.

It’s actually a smart ring that you wear on your phallus over a regular condom to measure activity stats while having intercourse.


And then you could sync those stats with your phone and even toss them on the leaderboard for your Facebook friends to see. Or you could quietly compare them against other people data anonymously. Yup, right.

Once you wear it on your privates, it uses a nano chip and some sensors to detect all sorts of data: your speed of thrust, skin temperature, your girth, the number of positions you indulge in (still in Beta), Calories burnt and the duration that you lasted for. And besides Bluetooth, it also has a micorUSB port for data syncing and charging.

In a world where wearable tech is already struggling to justify its existence, the i.Con doesn’t help. If your ‘Stats’ are what you are worried about while in action, you are certainly not doing it right. And slapping a ring on your peter isn’t going to fix that.

Then again, offbeat products do find their takers. And the fact that it can track detect chlamydia and syphilis adds meaning. Maybe like all other fitness trackers, this could help you train yourself to last longer. Maybe.

For now, Smart condom i.con will be available only in UK, and if it sells well there, British Condoms will launch it in global markets. In case you are interested and have a shipping address in UK, you can register to pre-order it here for roughly 4,200 bucks.

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