Back in 2019, OnePlus entered the premium smart TV market. Now, it is all set to step into competitive budget smart TV segment on 2nd July. As it gears up to launch new Smart TVs, OnePlus came up with extended warranty offer to lure the customer into pre-book their TV through Amazon India.

OnePlus TV Extended Warranty offer

In a strategic move, OnePlus is promising two-years of extended warranty for free on its upcoming smart TVs. To deliver this extended warranty promise, the company seems to have made an arrangement with the insurance company Acko. As per OnePlus, users who pre-book the upcoming smart TV will be eligible for a total of three years of warranty. Though customers will be able to schedule repairs through Acko’s website to take benefit from this offer.

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To avail this offer, customers will have to pre-book their OnePlus TV from Amazon. Here’s a step by step guide on how to pre-book the OnePlus TV and available the free extended warranty offer:

Steps to Pre-Book New OnePlus TV

  1. Go to Amazon website and buy the two-year extended warranty by paying Rs 1,000.
  2. Once you complete the payment process, you will get a confirmation e-mail confirming 24-month extended warranty.
  3. Now you need to buy one of the new OnePlus TV models before 5th August to redeem this offer.
  4. Once you place your TV order, you will get Rs 1,000 from Amazon as Pay balance cashback. This also means your extended warranty will be effectively free.
  5. The offer runs from 23rd Junto 2nd July.


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