OnePlus TV launch is just around the corner and the brand with Never Settle moto has been selectively revealing some of the highlights of their first-ever TV. From the ongoing information drip, we already know that the OnePlus TV will be based on Google’s Android TV platform, will have a QLED display (55-inch), and will be Amazon Special.

Now, we just spotted OnePlus TV Alexa skill on the Amazon India Skill store which reveals that you’d be able to control all basic features using voice commands. With Alexa Skill enabled, one will be able to turn their OnePlus TV on or off, change input, adjust volume, and switch between channels.

OnePlus TV Skill is listed only on the India skill store for now and not on the global Amazon Skill store. The Skill has an enable button that redirects to OnePlus account login page.

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In case you don’t already know, Amazon integrates third-party smart devices to Alexa using Skills. These Skills stay on the cloud and you can enable as many as you wish without slowing your Echo devices.

OnePlus Alexa skill doesn’t imply that you won’t be able to control the TV using Google Assistant. The same commands will most probably also work with Google Assistant and Nest hub devices by linking your Google and OnePlus account.

For now, here are a few Voice command examples listed on the Skill page.

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OnePlus TV Alexa Skill Commands


“Alexa, turn on OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, turn off OnePlus TV.”

“Alexa, set volume to 15 on OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, raise/lower/adjust the volume by 20 on OnePlus TV”

“Alexa, mute OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, unmute OnePlus TV.”

“Alexa, change channel to 200 on OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, next channel on OnePlus TV.“
“Alexa, change channel to PBS on OnePlus TV.

“Alexa, change input to HDMI 1 on OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, change input to Apple TV on OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, switch input to HDMI 1 on OnePlus TV.”
“Alexa, switch input to Apple TV on OnePlus TV.”


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