Ola S1 Pro Rider Lady Lands in ICU after front suspension breaks at 35 kmph

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The Ola S1 Pro’s quality and safety problems continue to be of concern. A woman was hospitalized on January 21 after the front suspension of the scooter she was riding broke, causing the front wheel to come loose. Her husband posted about the incident on social media, but Ola Electric has not yet responded.

According to a tweet from Samkit Parmar, his wife was traveling at roughly 35 kmph on her Ola S1 electric scooter when the front wheel detached from the suspension, throwing the rider forward.

How did the accident occur?

Samkit Parmar, the victim’s husband, claims that at about 9.15 p.m., his wife was traveling at about 35 km/h on an Ola S1 Pro. She may or may not have been wearing a helmet.
She was suddenly flung in front of the car and suffered severe injuries as the front wheel came off. She ended up in the ICU as a result.

According to Parmar, this encounter led to his wife’s current condition in the intensive care unit. Here’s the original tweet:

The Ola S1 and S1 Pro both have a single fork suspension at the front. However, the S1 Air, which was introduced last year at a lower price point, has a traditional telescopic (dual) fork unit. The S1 and S1 Pro’s rear suspension uses a mono-shock, while the S1 Air uses two shock absorbers. Given the horrific facial injuries, it is unclear if the rider was wearing a helmet at the time of the tragic collision.

Why does this story matter?

    The largest two-wheeler EV manufacturer in India is Ola Electric. However, it doesn’t appear that they prioritize the safety of the riders.
    The most recent incident simply makes the product’s construction even more controversial. Poor suspension setup has been the subject of numerous recorded events, each of which the company characterizes as an isolated occurrence.

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