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Nothing Phone (2) confirmed officially, Pei to focus on US market more

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Nothing Phone 1

The only phone on a personal note) that upgraded the Android experience in 2022 was the Nothing Phone 1. Carl Pei’s brainchild made a dent in the market, and a lot of people went for the Nothing Phone 1 instead of devices from Realme, Oppo, Vivo, and others in the same price range. Now, there is good news for all the Nothing fans, as the Nothing Phone 2 could reach the market by the end of 2023.

Carl Pei, Nothing CEO, said that the Nothing Phone (1) was not designed in a way to support many of the US carriers. Nevertheless, the Nothing Phone (2) will be created, keeping the US market in focus as the company wants to make the US its number one market. As of now, the US market contributed to one-third of sales of the Nothing TWS is the reason why Pui wants to make the Nothing Phone (2) US-centric.

The upcoming Nothing device will be a more premium version as compared to its predecessor. Pei is not calling it a flagship as of now. And we are also expecting the phone to be a high-end mid-ranger, the way OnePlus operated and introduced its devices in the beginning. It is being said that the smartphone will have improved software along with innovative hardware design to gain better traction.

Pei also mentioned the reason behind Nothing Phone (1) not being optimized in a way that impresses the US market. It happened because there were only five engineers in the Nothing mobile team, and due to this, Nothing OS-related work was outsourced. As of now, around 100 people are part of Nothing’s software team, and the Android 13 beta was completely in-house. It would be safe to say that the company now has all the resources that are required to tackle a new market.

Why Carl Pei wants to capture the US market?

As suggested by Carl Pei, the US market and consumers are already done with the Samsung and Apple devices. In contrast, they also have options like Motorola and OnePlus, and soon Nothing will offer things that will be completely new to experience. Moreover, we can also expect Nothing to open around half a dozen stores in the US to increase footfall and let the audience see the devices firsthand before making a purchase decision.



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