Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives these days. They are now an asset as important as any other prime need of human life. Smartphones are a consequence of a long trail of advancements and developments carried out globally ahead of the revolution which began with the invention of mobile phones. And when we talk about the beginning of the mobile era, who can forget the contribution made by Nokia. The Finnish mobile brand has been an all-time favorite for years and years when it was about mobile phones. For last few years we have seen Nokia slipping off the edge of the mountain, with smartphones and new operating systems taking the lead.


But now it seems like Nokia had kept a low profile for some time to plan its return with a bash and regain momentum in mobile technology. Earlier we had mentioned in our blog that you can expect Android based smartphones from Nokia. And if you’re really a Nokia fan, this might just pump up your heart beat. Nokia is expected to make a comeback in the mobile world in the year 2016. AS of now, Nokia has been successfully riding the road by the two latest devices, namely Z Launcher and Nokia N1 Tablet, which are being sold in China under the brand name Nokia.


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