As we know, the next generation of Google’s Pixel smartphones are currently under work as we speak. Now, more news has emerged regarding the two on the Internet that throws light on the codenames allotted to the pair.

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According to Android Police, Google has once again opted for codenames based on types of fishes and the phones have been christened as ‘Walleye’ and ‘Muskie’ for the smaller and the bigger version respectively.

Both Walleye and Muskie are pretty known species of fish and these names have generated quite a buzz amongst tech enthusiasts, who are now busy deciphering what all possible reasons could be behind the given names.


This tradition of Google’s of naming upcoming smartphones after fishes is not new and was used for the earlier set of Pixel and Nexus phones as well.

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While the original Pixel generation was codenamed as Marlin and Sailfish, the Nexus series was tagged as Bullhead (for Nexus 5X) and Angler (for Nexus 6P).

One prominent theory doing the rounds is related to the size (and specs, too) of the phones according to the fish they are named after.


Many claim the one named as Walleye would be the smaller variant as it is relatively smaller species of fish, while the one codenamed Muskie is being heralded as the bigger version, because well, size.

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Reiterating, the newest generation of Pixel smartphones is expected to cater to two segments of the market and would come out carrying two different price tags at that.


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