Sony recently refreshed the PlayStation 5 series with the launch of an updated version of the gaming console. The updated version of the console was only available in Australia in the beginning. The latest reports suggest that Sony is planning to introduce the revamped version of the PS5 gaming console in the Indian market.

A popular tipster who goes by the name PSD India tweeted that the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has approved two new PS5 variants carrying model numbers PS5 CFI-1208A and PS5 CFI-1208B. Speculations are that these updated PS5 CFI variants will reach the Indian shores in the upcoming weeks under the PS5 restocking.

It has been mentioned by the tipster that the latest version of PS5 uses around 17 watts less power as compared to the original PS5 gaming console. Not only this, but the upgraded machine is also light in weight as compared to the traditional one. The internal of the same has been tweaked a little bit, consisting of a heat pipe and a different fan architecture. Talking about the availability, the PS5 CFI variant will most probably make its debut in November 2022.

Differences between Sony PS5 and Sony PS5 CFI model

Starting with the basics, the new models of PS5 make less noise, 8dB, as compared to the noise made by the original version, which makes around 45dB noise. Both the variants of PS5 reach the same temperature of 53 degrees when used extensively. In terms of charging, the original PS5 uses 218W power, while the CFI version uses 201W power. The original PS5 model weighs around 3.817kg, and the revamped variant weighs 3.302kg.

A major thing to see at the time of the introduction of the new model in India will be the price point. We could see the Sony PS5 gaming console CFI models reaching the Indian market at a price that is different from the original version.


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