Popular steaming service Netflix has officially made its entry in India. At the CES 2016, CEO Reed Hastings took the center stage to make the announcement. Now, Netflix services are available in all major countries (190 countries to be precise) expect China.

For those new to the subject, Netflix is a US based online streaming service that offers a wide array of content which includes Hollywood, Bollywood, TV Series, World Movies, documentaries and other regional content. So if you are a subscribers, you can just sit back and enjoy popular series like House of Cards, Orange Is the New Black or Marvel’s Jessica Jones among various other movies at your own convenience.

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Netflix is offering three subscription plans to choose from. The basic plan will cost users Rs. 500 per month, which is close to what company charges back home in US. Apart from Basic plan, company also offers a Standard and Premium subscription which can be bought by paying a monthly rental of Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 respectively. With Standard subscription users get to stream HD content on two different devices simultaneously while on Premium subscription 4K content is available on finger tips. Premium subscribers can stream Ultra HD content on four devices at the same time.

Most of the Indian are still not accustomed to streaming legitimate content online. So you might be having some reservation against it. To clear your dilemma on Netflix services, we decided to answer some of the tricky questions related to Netflix services in India.


Is Netflix only available on mobile and PC? What do I have to do to experience Netflix on my TV?

  • Netflix streaming is available on all sorts of devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, netbooks, Smart Tv’s and gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii and other devices.
  • On Smart TV users have to download Netflix app and connect with high speed internet connection to enjoy Netflix movies. On not-so-smart TV’s users have to shell out a bit more in buying streaming devices like Chromecast or any other Netflix compatible device.

What is the minimum requirement for a pleasant Netflix experience?

  • On Android and iOS devices users will have to download Netflix app from their respective stores. On Windows and Mac PC’s, users will have to sign-in on Netflix account using compatible browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) and select a title to play.

On how many devices can I stream movies at once from my single Netflix account?

  • It mainly depends on your subscription plan. If you have subscribed to a basic plan than you will be able to enjoy Netflix on one device at a time. Under Standard Subscription Company allow users to connect to two different devices at the same time using a same Netflix account. At best, users are allowed to stream on four devices at once under Premium subscription.

Does Netflix allow users to share their subscription with friends?

  • Yes, Netflix allow users to share account details with friends. However, the number of simultaneous streams depends on the subscription.


What’s the video quality Netflix has to offer?

  • Netflix stream movies and series in various qualities based on your internet connection and subscription. A basic subscriber can only enjoy content on standard definition while a Standard subscriber has the option of watching their favorite sit-coms in 1080. If you have Premium subscription and has the 4K setup and 25mbps connection you can certainly choose 4K content from Netflix 4K catalog.

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Can I enjoy Netflix without subscribing?

  • Unfortunately, Netflix is a subscription based service so legally there is no other way using it. However, if you what to experience it without shelling out any money you can enjoy 1 month free trail. Mind you, you have to cancel your subscription on time to avoid its renewal.

Are their subtitles available on Netflix?

  • Yes, theirs is an option to turn on subtitles in Netflix which users have to do manually.

Will all Content available in US on Netflix be available in India?

  • No. Content generators license their content on region basis. When Netflix expanded to Europe, they didn’t have rights to stream House of Cards. Netflix Originals, the shows which Nextflix produces will be available globally. The English language content is plentiful and up to date, but don’t expect it to be a 100 percent or uniform globally.

How does Netflix censor content for various age group users?

  • During initial signing up process Netflix asks you to submit your age. If you are 18 and above, Netflix won’t censor content, however, it will warn users with content advisory rating. On the other side, if at the time of sign-up your age is under 18 Netflix won’t showcase any adult content to you.

Why does Netflix ask who is watching?

  • Netflix understand that a single account is used by whole family. Therefore, Netflix tracks each individual viewing pattern in order to suggest them more similar shows or movies. On the other hand, Netflix also has optional social media integration which allow users to share what they are watching on their linked account.

How big Netflix catalog is when it comes to Bollywood? Can I watch Indian TV series on Netflix?

  • As of now, Netflix has a very limited number of Bollywood movies available in its catalog. However, since Netflix has now officially arrived in India, we expect lot more tie-ups with local content makers and Bollywood production houses for their new and old content. Netflix users in India can compensate lack of Bollywood movies with vast list of Hollywood movies some of which never ever made it to India.
  • None of the Indian TV shows are currently available on the Netflix.


Can I subscribe to Netflix using my debit card? Do they accept payment via net banking?

  • Unfortunately, Netflix debit cards and net banking are not listed on Netflix as payment option. They only accept payment though credit cards in India.

How can I cancel my Netflix subscription?

  • Netflix users can cancel their subscription any time at the click of a button after login their account.

How do I stream Netflix offline?

  • Unfortunately, unlike some other video-streaming-portals Netflix doesn’t offer an offline feature.

What is the bandwidth required for hassle free Netflix experience?

  • As per the Netflix, it requires a connection with minimum speed of 512 kbps. However, to offer best possible streaming experience it requires minimum 1.5 Mbps broadband connection. The company highly recommends a 3 Mbps connection for non-stop SD quality streaming, for HD quality it requires a stable connection with at least speeds of 5 Mbps. To enjoy movies in 4K user need to have 25 Mbps plan.

Are there any alternative to Netflix available in India?

  • Yes, we have number of Movie Streaming Services in India like Hotstar, BigFlix, Spuul and Muvizz. However, their overall library is too small in comparison to Netflix.


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