Microsoft V/s Google: Battle Of Chromebook Segment

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Microsoft has been the boat toppling in the middle of a sea storm. It had to face the software bases rivalry from Google’s Android and then in the smartphone segment, Apple has been providing Microsoft a tough time. As mentioned in one of the latest updates, Microsoft now plans to roll out Windows 10 which can be installed on Android smartphones as per user’s preference. And this time Microsoft eyes to launch competitors against the very popular Google Chromebook. Though the laptop couldn’t grab as much buyers as did its release news but I’d still say that for those who are looking for a swift internet experience with no other major computing concerns, Chromebook is a lovable to gadget to get your hands on.


Because of the limitations, Chromebook has failed to be the hand-toy of most of the computer users and it could not provide the results as expected by Google. This might just be thee fact why Google is giving these little gadgets away at reduced prices. And at theses reduced prices, Chromebook could just attract your attention.

Microsoft now seems to be very seriously working to go head-on against the Chromebook with its new products which are expected to run on Windows 10 as it is already known that Microsoft is all set to start rolling out Windows 10 for computers and smartphones in upcoming months.

Mudit SharmaMudit Sharma
A tech expert with zeal to shoot a third-eye vision at tech updates and electronic gadgets.

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