Microsoft has been the boat toppling in the middle of a sea storm. It had to face the software bases rivalry from Google’s Android and then in the smartphone segment, Apple has been providing Microsoft a tough time. As mentioned in one of the latest updates, Microsoft now plans to roll out Windows 10 which can be installed on Android smartphones as per user’s preference. And now there is another step by Microsoft that brings an element of surprise. Microsoft has launched Microsoft DC-21, a 6000mAh portable power bank. It has been launched in India on e-commerce website Flipkart.

Microsoft DC 21 review and specifications

It is round in dimensional shape and a bit heavier than the previous power bank by Microsoft, DC-19. The power provider looks compact and handy and has trendy colors as shown in the picture below.  The company says that it needs up to 4 hours to charge it completely, but it can be charged up to 80 percent capacity in about three hours. It will have 80 percent of power even after six months, since it goes into automatic standby mode. It takes in 1.5A input and offers 1.5A output.

The power bank, DC-21 has been launched in green, orange and white colors and is chargeable by the standard USB cable. Microsoft DC-21 price in India is set as INR 3,499. At this price, you would really like to take a look at Xiaomi’s power banks, which are really cheap and serve the purpose really well.


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