Motorola has been fortunate enough to be the creator of the all new Nexus 6. A powerful flagship smartphone, with trendsetting specifications and glorious looks is out in the run to demolish the rivals. Google NEXUS 6 is a 4G LTE enabled device powered by an Snapdragon 805, 2.7 GHz Krait 450 processor and has 3 GB RAM. At its price of around 44000, NEXUS 6 is a plus five against its rivals for smartphone enthusiasts.

nexus 6 review and specifications

The contest to be the manufacturer of Google’s Android based flagship device, Nexus has always been on hot wheels. LG has been stealing the show for continuously two times y being the manufacturer of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Though Google had recently announced the news of having stopped the production of Nexus 5 to focus more on the marketing and development of Nexus 6, but as the rumors guide, it is believed that LG will rise again as the maker of the next smartphone in the legendary series of Nexus.

nexus 5 review and specifications

Earlier rumors had suggested that Chinese smartphone maker Huawei might provide the hardware for the next Nexus phone. Google’s Android engineers paid a visit to LG’s Display and R&D facilities in Korea apart from other units responsible for wireless charging parts, and Optical Image Stabilization. LG has already been impressive enough with the two previous Nexus smartphones, and with the smartphone market so revved up at the moment, it’s never going to be easy for LG to collect rainbows.


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