lg g4c review

LG has been quite a smart player as we have observed for over the past few years. While all the tech giants have been busy showcasing the best of their flagship creations recently, LG played smart by disclosing 4 medium budget smartphones namely LG Joy, LG Leon, LG Magna and LG Spirit. LG kept a low profile for their flagship launch and now when it’s all quite after the battle, LG is all set to take the attack on April 28 with LG G4 launch. And another news which sounds big at the moment is that LG is working on a smartphone which will run on Windows OS.


Although Windows is not bursting the charts at the moment when it comes to smartphone OS platform, yet the boat is still toppling and has the potential to survive.  On the same note, there are rumors that LG is planning to house Windows as the DNA of one of its upcoming smartphones. And may be Windows 10, which the biggest project for Microsoft right now, can bring a revolutionary change for the fate of Windows OS in smartphones.

For over last 5 years, LG has never been really peeping into Windows with an eye of interest, but the tradition now seems to be turning around. Things might soon be different for Microsoft, all they got to do is to keep working better and bigger.


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