The leading smartphone maker in India, Samsung has been stealing the show of the smartphone world for last few years. With an impressive creation of its flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, it has been the leader brand in the premium segment of the smart devices by introducing a new concept of curved display. And with Samsung, these device are just getting even smarter.


The curved display was a trial in Note Edge, while it has been improvised upon and refined more in the latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Speaking off brands apart from Samsung, we have LG on the rise which is another brand to incorporate curved display in LG G Flex 2. These transitions in the smartphones are not just technically incredible but also are a revolutionary concept which inspires and encourages the counterparts to do better and bigger. As the words from LG and Samsung were, they believed that 2015 was to be a year of revolutions and newbie inventions. And that just got reflected earlier this year in Barcelona during MWC 2015, where some great smartphones were unveiled.

As the signs emphasize, the big names of the tech world, LG and Samsung, are planning to introduce smartphones with bent displays. Reportedly, LG is said to be working hard to develop transparent screens which could be projected on surfaces like car windscreen. Though there is quite some time to go face off with such technology, but it releases a wave of joy to be a part of such an effort. And Samsung, on the other side, is working equally well on the development of a foldable screen which is expected to be incorporated in some smartphone during 2016.



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