samsung galaxy s6 review

The leading smartphone maker in India, Samsung has been stealing the show of the smartphone world for last few years. With an impressive creation of its flagship smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S6, it has been the leader brand in the premium segment of the smart devices. And with Samsung, these device are just getting even smarter. Galaxy S6 has been introduced as the prime rival against Apple iPhone 6, but the bottomline in a country like India, is drawn by the price tag, which is pretty hefty when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S6.

apple iphone 6 review

Although Galaxy S6 has been a real benchmark of astounding features and specifications, yet the price associated with it could be a real setback for the device. The smartphone is highly priced and so high that it goes way beyond Apple iPhone 6 price. As for iPhone owners, the study revealed that 16% of iPhone users wouldn’t consider exchanging their iPhone under any circumstances. Those iPhone users willing to swap an iPhone for the Galaxy S6 would do so only if it were a free swap (24%), or if it the Galaxy S6 were offered at a cheaper price (16%).

As per the details mentioned above, the journey ahead for Galaxy S6 seems to be a really tough road. But this is all about phones getting smarter, who knows Galaxy S6 might bow us all off at some point of time. Stay tuned to see what the future hold for Samsung Galaxy S6 and if it could really succeed in sweating out Apple iPhone 6. The game is on!


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