Instagram is Testing New Unskippable Ads: The Internet Isn’t Happy

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Instagram, now under Meta (formerly Facebook), is testing something that’s already making waves—and not in a good way. Reports on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) reveal that Instagram is rolling out unskippable ads. Yes, you read that right. ADs you can’t skip.

These unskippable ads can pop up when you’re scrolling through Reels, your main feed, or even the Explore page. Unlike the usual ads that you can swipe away in a second, these ads stick around for a full five seconds. Sounds short? Maybe, but users aren’t happy.

Screenshots showing these five-second ads have sparked a lot of frustration online. Many users are willing to leave the app if these ads become a permanent feature. 

Upon tapping the info button next to the timer, a message pops up saying, “AD breaks are a new way of seeing ads on Instagram. Sometimes, you may need to view an ad before you can keep browsing.”

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One Reddit user said, “Good that I am leaving Instagram lol, that’s too much.” Over on X, someone else added, “So people will either restart the app or stop using it; nobody is gonna sit through that it’s not YouTube.”

There’s also the side that thinks it’s completely fine for Instagram to integrate ads into its UI. A user on X said, “I honestly think it might be a good thing; won’t be doom-scrolling forever now.”

The idea behind unskippable ads is clear: ensure the ads are seen. But the backlash suggests that this strategy could backfire. If users start closing the app in frustration, Instagram could see a drop in engagement. That’s bad news for a platform that thrives on keeping you scrolling.

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Instagram is still just testing these ads with a small group of users. There’s no word yet on whether they’ll roll this out to everyone. Given the negative feedback, they might need to rethink this move.

In the end, Instagram has to find a balance between making money from ads and keeping users happy. If they push too hard with unskippable ads, they risk driving people away. And in a world where there are plenty of social media alternatives, that’s a risky move.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see how Instagram responds to the backlash. One thing’s for sure: the users have spoken, and they’re not happy.

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