Indus OS and Freecharge have joined hands to launch Recharge 2.0, an intuitive recharge mechanism integrated within the IndusOS dialer app that shall help Prepaid mobile users effectively managed and monitor their mobile balance consumption.

Recharge 2.0 aims to bridge this gap and introduce features that provide comprehensive analysis on usage patterns alongside real-time updates to offer more control in the hands of pre-paid users. Powered by an OS-level integration pioneered by Indus OS, Recharge 2.0 encourages smart usage of prepaid balance along with a superior and intuitive mobile recharge experience powered by FreeCharge.


The dialer integrated with Recharge 2.0 will show you the current balance and will allow you to top it up with a single touch. You can also monitor or analyze balance consumption across data, call and text messages. The dialer app even reflects the balanced used for every call made in the call log itself.

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Freecharge expects this integration with IndusOS to scale up its recharge volume by 20 percent. Apart from the new users, the new Recharge 2.0 integrated dialer will also be available to the existing ‘6 million plus’ Indus OS users.

Rakesh Deshmukh, CEO & Co-Founder, Indus OS, “Contextual integration of brands and products across tech platforms is the future. This is inevitable in an economy such as ours, where we are just starting to scrape the surface of OS-integrated Brands (OSIB) to address true consumer needs. So, language integration in AI based services, map integration with location based services, payment integration with utility based services, video/audio integration with communication based services, security integration with government offered services, are amongst many such possibilities that will be explored. We have been working towards this and developed success cases, for instance, the Indus Reader (Text-to-Speech feature) developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and IT.”

Govind Rajan, CEO, Freecharge, said, “We are extremely pleased to launch contextual payments by way of Recharge 2.0 – a one touch recharging and balance analytics product for the users of Indus OS, which is a first of its kind product launched by anyone in the world. FreeCharge has always taken immense pride in its simple and intuitive user experience. Contextual payments takes this a step forward with the one touch recharge interface that comes with Recharge 2.0. At present, we have collaborated for recharge payments being powered through FreeCharge on Indus OS but soon we plan to expand the scope to all kind of payment services like DTH recharges, electricity bill payments, merchant payments in both the online and offline space. Additionally, the FreeCharge experience will now be available in 12 major regional languages with Indus OS which will provide us a chance to serve the regional smartphone users as well.”


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