Huami is backed by Xiaomi and is credited as an exclusive provider of wearable technology, and even the maker of Mi bands. Further, Huami has its own thriving Amazfit lineup of fitness wearables. It also develops its own SoC or the processor under the Huangshan label. And today, the brand has unveiled its second-gen chip called — Huangshan 2.

These are its specifications.

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Huangshan 2 Specs

The new silicon is fabricated on the open-source RISC-V instruction set architecture. Thanks to the new base, the Huangshan 2 is said to offer higher efficiency than its precursor. Huami claims the computing functions are custom-made to avoid the communication delay of cloud computing.

Not just that, the chip houses a dedicated NPU engine for AI-related features. It touts a 7x better recognition of heart rate data, than the Huangshan 1. Furthermore, Huangshan 2 boasts 26x improved software algos.

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Moving on, the chip will also reduce power consumption, thanks to the improved Always On capability. Huami piggybacks its efficiency claims with the C2 Coprocessor. According to the company, the supplementary processor should work when the main chip is in a sleep state, thus bringing down energy usage by up to 50 percent.

Now, these are some interesting claims from the new Huami chip. But, we will reserve our judgments until we use it within a watch or a band. Just so you know, Huangshan 2 is expected to go on mass production by Q4 2020 and should hit the market by 2021.


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