htc h7 review

HTC had recently struck the market at MWC 2015 in Barcelona, with HTC One M9, a high end smartphone as a rival to the simultaneously revealed Samsung Galaxy S6. HTC One M9 is a 4G LTE enabled device powered by a Snapdragon 810, quad-core processor and has 3 GB RAM. Expected to be a tough rival against the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, HTC One M9 seems to pose a real challenge for Samsung after HTC has recently reported to kick-off pre-orders for the flagship device in Taiwan.

htc one e9 review

And along with this blockbuster headline, comes another attractive protection program called Uh-Oh Protection, which is an extension of HTC Advantage Protection program was disclosed on Wednesday. The program guarantees that HTC will send a replacement unit of the One M9 to a customer within the first 12 months of ownership for any reason, no questions asked. HTC said the program is available only to US customers and that it will extend to the One M8 after the M9 launches. There is no pricing information for this feature yet.

htc one m9 review

HTC plans to deploy this as the new marketing strategy to regain some space in the already crowded smartphone world. No matter what, if phone damage is something frequent with you, this sounds to be the best protection cover against physical damage.



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