htc h7 review

HTC has been recently heating up the ambience with the release of the ultra-advanced flagship, One M9, which is a 4G LTE enabled device powered by a Snapdragon 810, quad-core processor and has 3 GB RAM. This should make it one of the quickest in its segment. And even before the M9 gets released for the users to buy, there was a rumor of a yet more advanced flagship phone HTC One M9+. This is suspected to have an even sharper design fragmentation than M9. If reports are to be believed, the Taiwanese brand has sent out media invites for April 8 when it is expected to disclose One M9+.

htc one m9 plus release date

HTC One M9+ features a Snapdragon processor. Moving on to the camera, a high end dual primary camera, with touch focus will make it a pro camera. The device is said to incorporate an ultra-pixel technology based dual camera like that of the preceding flagship phone, HTC One M8. As per the leaked HTC One M9+ specifications, it boasts a 5.2 inch quad HD display with capacitive touchscreen. Quad HD display makes it an A-class display in the smartphones of all time, as this will be the second phone by HTC to contain this feature after the rumored HTC Butterfly 3, which is expected to go alive in Japan by May this year.

The HTC One M9+ launch event is expected to be held in Beijing, China and the brand seems to be aiming at the Chinese smartphone market to kick off the project M9+. This could, though, hamper the growth of One M9 in the market, but HTC really needs some magic t work for itself to rise up.


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