From June 14 to July 15, all eyes will be on Russia as the nation is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018. The 31-days carnival will see 32 countries vying against each other for the coveted FIFA World Cup title. The Fifa World Cup 2018 live stream and tv broadcast will go to 207 countries all across the globe. The first match of the 21st edition of the football World Cup is between the home team and Saudi Arabia on June 14 at 08:30 PM (IST).

If you are wondering how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online on your mobile, PC or laptop in high definition, here’s a detailed guide that should help:

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Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live in India On TV and Mobile Phone

Sony holds the broadcasting rights of all World Cup matches in the country. It will showcase all 64-matches live on its network – Sony Ten 2 and Ten 3 (SD and HD), for television. However, you can also catch the action on your phone with Sony Liv app, which is available for download from Google Play store and App Store.

The App comes at a minor subscription fee of Rs. 199 for 6-months, but if you are an Airtel/ Jio users you can watch all FIFA World Cup 18 games live for free.

If you don’t take the paid subscription, you can still watch all matches but with a 5-minute delay.

How To Watch FIFA World Cup Live Streaming For Free in India:

  • You will need to be a Reliance Jio or Airtel SIM user.
  • Download Jio TV or Airtel TV App on your smartphone depending on your network.
  • Now, Open the app (JioTV or Airtel TV) and tap on the live match feed banner.
  • That’s it. You can now enjoy minute-by-minute coverage of your favorite football team on your phone.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on PC

PC and laptop users can watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 on live Sony Liv official website, but for that, you need to have the premium membership. The subscription fee is again Rs 199 for six months and once you purchase it, you can use the ID to catch the action on whichever device.

You can also watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on laptop and PC for free, provided you are a Airtel SIM user. Here’s how to install Airtel TV app on your PC:

  • Download and install BluestacksNox Player app on your desktop.
  • Open the app and click on Google Play store.
  • Sign-in with your Gmail ID, and once you are in the app search Airtel TV app.
  • Install Airtel TV app on your PC, open it and register yourself with Airtel number. An OTP will be sent to you, quickly enter it into the dialogue box on the screen and proceed further.
  • There you go, with broadband you will have all the access of Airtel TV app on your PC, and you can enjoy all the live matches of FIFA World Cup 2018.

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How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online in the US

In the United States of America, Fox network and app will show you the live coverage of all FIFA World Cup 2018 matches. The network is region restricted so, if you are outside the states, you will have to bypass the network via VPN.

After connecting to your desired US server, you can catch up all action live of FIFA World Cup on your device as soon as it happens.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online in the UK

The United Kingdom fans can catch all the World Cup action live on BBC and ITV network. The online viewers can switch to BBC iPlayer on their PC, mobile for all the live streaming.

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) football fans can access the BBC iPlayer content outside the UK as well. After connecting to your desired VPN service from the list, you can negotiate the issue of region blocking.

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How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live online in Australia

If you are living in Australia, the SBS has got you covered. The network holds all the media rights of FIFA World Cup 2018 in the country. So switch to the channel and watch the greatest sporting spectacle live from the comfort of your sofa. Or you can download the SBS app and watch all matches live on your phone.

Here’s a complete list of services providers to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online and Offline anywhere in the World:

Yup, the list is long but you can always hit CTRL+F and type Country Name to jump to the exactly what you are looking for.

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online in Asia

  • Afghanistan – Ariana TV (TV only)
  • Bahrain – beIN Sports Connect
  • Bangladesh – Sony Pictures Networks
  • Bhutan – Sony Pictures Networks
  • Brunei – Astro
  • Cambodia – Cambodia Television Network (CTN)
  • China PR – China Central Television (CCTV), Youku
  • Chinese Taipei – ELTA
  • Hong Kong – Now TV, ViuTV
  • India – Sony network and Sony Liv
  • Indonesia – Trans TV, Usee TV
  • Iran – beIN Sports Connect
  • Iraq – beIN Sports Connect
  • Japan – NHK, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo, TBS
  • Jordan – beIN Sports Connect
  • DPR Korea – KBS, MBC
  • Korea Republic – KBS, MBC
  • Kuwait – beIN Sports Connect
  • Kyrgyzstan – Saran Media has the rights. Channels or websites unknown.
  • Laos – TVLAO CO. LTD.
  • Lebanon – beIN Sports Connect
  • Macau – TDM
  • Malaysia – Astro
  • Maldives – Sony Pictures Networks
  • Mongolia – NTV, MNB
  • Myanmar – Daruma Pte Ltd
  • Nepal – Sony Pictures Networks
  • Oman – beIN Sports Connect
  • Pakistan – Sony Pictures Networks
  • Palestine – beIN Sports Connect
  • Philippines – ABS – CBN Broadcasting Corporation
  • Qatar – beIN Sports Connect
  • Saudi Arabia – beIN Sports Connect
  • Singapore – StarHub, Mediacorp
  • Sri Lanka – Sony Pictures Networks
  • Syria – beIN Sports Connect
  • Tajikistan – Saran Media
  • Thailand – True Visions Group
  • Timor Leste – ETO-TELCO, LDA
  • Turkmenistan – Saran Media Channels
  • United Arab Emirates – beIN Sports Connect
  • Uzbekistan – Uzreport TV; Saran Media (Match TV)
  • Yemen – beIN Sports Connect

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online in Europe

  • Albania – Radiotelevisioni Shqiptar
  • Andorra – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Armenia – Public Television & Radio Armenia
  • Austria – Oesterreichischer Rundfunk
  • Azerbaijan – Ictimai
  • Belarus – Belaruskaja Tele-Radio Companija
  • Belgium – RTBF, VRT
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: BHRT
  • Bulgaria – BNT
  • Channel Islands – BBC, ITV
  • Croatia – HRT
  • Cyprus – Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
  • Czech Republic – Ceska Televize
  • Denmark – TV2 Denmark AS, Danmarks Radio TV
  • Estonia – Eesti Rahvusringhääling
  • Faroe Islands – TV2 Denmark AS, Danmarks Radio TV
  • Finland – Yleisradio OY
  • France – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Georgia – Georgian Public Broadcasting
  • Germany – ARD, ZDF
  • Greece – ERT S.A.
  • Greenland – TV2 Denmark AS, Danmarks Radio TV
  • Hungary – Magyar Televizio
  • Iceland – RUV
  • Ireland – RTE
  • Isle of Man – BBC, ITV
  • Israel – IPBC
  • Italy – Mediaset Italy
  • Kazakhstan – Qazaqstan
  • Kosovo – RTK
  • Latvia – Latvijas Televizija
  • Liechtenstein – SRG SSR
  • Lithuania – Lietuvos Radijas Ir Televizija
  • Macedonia FYR – Macedonian Radio and Television
  • Malta – Public Broadcasting Services Ltd. (PBS)
  • Moldova – Teleradio Moldova
  • Monaco – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Montenegro – RTCG – Radio Televizija Crne Gore
  • Netherlands – Nederlandse Omroep Stichting
  • Norway – TV2, NRK
  • Poland – Telewizja Polska
  • Portugal – Radio e Televisao de Portugal, SIC, Sport TV Portugal
  • Romania – Televiziunea Romana
  • Russia – JSC Channel One Russia, Match TV, Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company
  • San Marino – Mediaset Italy
  • Serbia – Radiotelevizija Srbije
  • Slovakia – Radio and Television Slovakia
  • Slovenia – Radiotelevizija Slovenija
  • Spain – Mediaset España
  • Sweden – TV4
  • Switzerland – SRG SSR
  • Turkey – Turkiye Radyo-Televizyon Kurumu
  • Ukraine – UAPBC, NTN, Inter TV Channel
  • United Kingdom – BBC, ITV
  • Vatican City – Mediaset Italy

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online in Australian Continent

  • American Samoa –  Fox Sports, Telemundo
  • Australia – SBS, Optus
  • Cook Islands – Fiji TV
  • Fiji – Fiji TV
  • French Polynesia – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Kiribati – Fiji TV
  • Micronesia – Fiji TV
  • Nauru – Fiji TV
  • New Caledonia – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • New Zealand – Sky
  • Niue – Fiji TV
  • Palau – Fiji TV
  • Papua New Guinea – Fiji TV, EMTV
  • Samoa – Fiji TV
  • Solomon Islands – Fiji TV, TTV
  • Tonga – Fiji TV
  • Tuvalu – Fiji TV
  • Vanuatu – Fiji TV

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online in Africa

  • Algeria – beIN Sports Connect
  • Angola – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Benin – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Botswana – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Burkina Faso – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Burundi – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Cameroon – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes Cape Verde: Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Central African Republic – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Chad – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Comoros – beIN Sports Connect
  • Congo Brazzaville – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Cote d’Ivoire – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Democratic Republic of Congo – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Djibouti – beIN Sports Connect
  • Egypt – beIN Sports Connect
  • Equatorial Guinea – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Eritrea – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Ethiopia – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Gabon – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Gambia – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Ghana – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Guinea Bissau – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Guinea Conakry – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Kenya – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Lesotho – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Liberia – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Libya – beIN Sports Connect
  • Madagascar – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Malawi – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Mali- Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Mauritania – beIN Sports Connect
  • Mauritius – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Morocco – beIN Sports Connect
  • Mozambique – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Namibia – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Niger – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Nigeria – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Reunion – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Rwanda – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Sao Tome and Principe – Econet, Supersport
  • Senegal – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Seychelles – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Sierra Leone – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Somalia – beIN Sports Connect
  • South Africa – SABC, Supersport, StarTimes
  • South Sudan – beIN Sports Connect
  • Sudan – beIN Sports Connect
  • Swaziland (Eswatini) – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Tanzania – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Togo – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Tunisia – beIN Sports Connect
  • Uganda – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Zambia – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes
  • Zimbabwe – Canal+, Econet, Supersport, StarTimes

How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 online in North and South America

  • Antigua and Barbuda – DirecTV Latin America
  • Anguilla – DirecTV Latin America
  • Argentina – DirecTV Latin America, Radio y Televisión Argentina S.E., TRISA
  • Aruba – DirecTV Latin America
  • Bahamas – ZNS, DirecTV Latin America
  • Barbados – DirecTV Latin America
  • Belize – DirecTV Latin America
  • Bermuda – DirecTV Latin America, Bermuda Broadcasting Corp
  • Bolivia – Bolivia Red Unitel, DirecTV Latin America, Red Uno de Bolivia
  • Brazil – Globosat (SporTV)
  • British Virgin Islands – DirecTV Latin America
  • Canada – CTV, TSN, RDS
  • Cayman Islands – DirecTV Latin America
  • Chile – Canal 13, DirecTV Latin America, Televisión Nacional de Chile, Mega, Telefonica Moviles Chile
  • Colombia – DirecTV Latin America, RCN Televisión, Caracol Television, S.A.
  • Costa Rica – Teletica, Sky Costa Rica, Telefonica Centro America, S.A.
  • Cuba – Cuban TV – ICRT
  • Curaçao – DirecTV Latin America, Jachmin Pinedo Productions
  • Dominica – DirecTV Latin America
  • Dominican Republic – DirecTV Latin America
  • Ecuador – DirecTV Latin America, RTS
  • El Salvador – Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Sky El Salvador, Telecorporacion Salvadorena Inc.
  • Granada – DirecTV Latin America
  • Guatemala – Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Sky Guatemala, TV Azteca Guatemala
  • Guadeloupe – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Guyana – DirecTV Latin America
  • Haiti – DirecTV Latin America
  • Honduras – Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Sky Honduras, Canal 5
  • Jamaica – DirecTV Latin America, Television Jamaica
  • Martinique – beIN Sports France, TF1
  • Montserrat – DirecTV Latin America
  • Mexico – Televisa, Blue to Go, Azteca Deportes
  • Nicaragua – Telefonica Centro America, S.A., Canal 2, Sky Nicaragua
  • Panama – Telefonica Centro America, S.A., TVN, Canal 4
  • Paraguay – DirecTV Latin America
  • Peru – DirecTV Latin America, Canal 2, Panamericana Television
  • Puerto Rico – Fox Sports, Telemundo
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – DirecTV Latin America
  • Saint Lucia – DirecTV Latin America
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – DirecTV Latin America
  • Suriname – DirecTV Latin America, Suriname Cable & Communication Network NV
  • Trinidad and Tobago – DirecTV Latin America, CNC3
  • Turks and Caicos Islands – DirecTV Latin America
  • United States of America – Fox Sports, Telemundo
  • Uruguay – DirecTV Latin America, Teledoce, Canal 10, Canal 4
  • US Virgin Islands – DirecTV Latin America
  • Venezuela – Galaxy Entertainment (DirecTV Venezuela)


  1. using VPN for streaming matches will not be a good choice, VPN is not secured connection users allows other network to access your data and share it.
    its better to purchase a premium streaming service rather then using any VPN service

  2. Since the mega event is just 2 days away, every fan is eagerly waiting for matches as every team is really competitive and it would be a great event to watch. Many would be watching through online streaming so it is necessary to keep your self safe from click baits. Try to stream through websites that are safe and secure like VPN Ranks. So that you can avoid cyber threats.

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