Ever since the mass vaccination drive to fight against Covid19 Pandemic has begun in India, the focus of the government and other organizations has been on increasing the vaccine rate. This is possible only if people are provided with simple ways to book vaccination slots and get these slots easily.

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The government has already announced that WhatsApp can be used to book vaccine slots and now Google India has said that beginning early 2022, people will be able to book their covid vaccine slots through Google Assistant.

Here’s how you can book a Covid Vaccination Slot using Google Assistant-

  1. On the search box, type ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ or a similar query, such as Covid-19 vaccine registration, etc.
  2. Enable Google Assistant and select the preferred language. You can choose English or any of the eight available Indian languages.
  3. To register anyone, enter his 12-digit Aadhaar Card Number and details like full name, birth year, etc. Select the beneficiary for whom the vaccine slot is to be booked.
  4. Using a pin code or district name, search for the nearest vaccine centers. Choose from free or paid categories of the vaccine. And then select the jab for inoculation.
  5. Select the date and time slot as per your convenience. The appointment will be scheduled.

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Senior VP Prabhakar Raghavan has announced a pilot of the first-ever Google-Assistant-enabled, end-to-end vaccine booking flow in India. It is set to begin rolling out early in 2022.


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