Google Home and Google Home Mini recently entered the Indian market, a few months after their global launch. With the Google Home duo entry, smart speakers portfolio in India is no longer one dimensional, and Amazon’s Alexa has a worthy challenger.

In case you have already decided to side with Google’s ecosystem, let’s help you (guide) set up your first Google Home or Google Home Mini speaker.

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How to set up your Google Home in Easy Steps

  1. Unbox you Google Home device and you will find a home speaker along with a power adapter.
  2. Just grab the cable and plug it into the bottom of your Google home. Plug the other end into a power socket in your home (or office).
  3. As soon as you hit that power switch, the Google Home will boot up.
  4. Now download the Google Home app on your phone and fire up the app.
  5. You will be greeted with a ‘Device Setup’ card with the written text of 1 device found. Just tap on ” Set Up” option.
  6. Your home device should connect automatically to your Google account by creating a virtual network. Once it gets connected it will play a test sound and will ask you if you heard the sound. If yes, tap on the Yes option.
  7. Now, select the name of your room or place where you are keeping your phone.
  8. Google will automatically name your device but you can change it as per your own preference.
  9. Once you saved the name, it will ask you select a wi-fi network from available networks. Select and tap next.
  10. Google will fetch Wi-Fi password from your phone to set it up.
  11. Now, that your Google Home is connected to a Wi-Fi, Google will ask you to set up your Google Assistant by tapping on ‘I agree’.
  12. It will ask you to say “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” so that it can understand your voice whenever you hail it.
  13. You can enter some more details about your address to get updated related to weather, and traffic from Google. Tap on Confirm Address once done.
  14. It should ask you to Add a Music Service from the list followed by choosing your preferred service for music playback (from Saavn, Play Music, or Gaana).
  15. Voila! your Google Home is now set up and ready to entertain. Just say Hey Google and it should respond.

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