How to send an anonymous message on Instagram

Instagram reached two billion active users in Q3 2021 and is estimated to reach 2.5 billion active users by 2023. Now that billions of people flock to Instagram every day, there are many fun features that Instagram and third-party app makers have come up with to spice up the Instagram user experience. One such feature is anonymous messaging which isn’t available from Instagram itself, however, there are third-party apps that let you send anonymous messages where your details are hidden from your recipient.

What is NGL and how does it help send anonymous messages?

NGL or ‘Not Going To Lie’ is a buzzing app in social media that helps Instagram users send out anonymous messages to other users similar to how the “Ask me anything” format picked up on the platform when it arrived.

You have to create a link of NGL asking questions and generate a link. Once you have the link, post it on Instagram using the Link sticker or post it on Instagram’s bio. Interested Instagram users can follow the link and post their answers and it’s that simple. All the responses are recorded on the NGL app that you can check out. Since all the replies are anonymous, you won’t be able to ascertain who sent them.

NGL is also taking a step further by filtering any abusive or hurtful slurs or comments. It means something like ‘kill yourself’ will be filtered out automatically. Of course, NGL is still working on improving its filter system so some keywords might still slip by but most of them are caught eventually.

How to send an anonymous message on Instagram?

Let’s see how you can use the NGL app on your Instagram to send anonymous texts to other users on the platform.

How To Send Out Anonymous Messages On Instagram
Step #1: First up, go to the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android), search for the NGL App, and download it on your phone.
Step #2: Launch the app.
Step #3: Click on the ‘Get Questions’ button on the app where you will be asked to enter your Instagram username.
Step #4: Tap on ‘Done’ where the NGL app will generate an anonymous link containing your Instagram username that is personalized for your handle.
Step #5: Next, you need to copy the link from the NGL app and hit the ’Share’ button.
Step #6: You need to use the NGL link on the Instagram app using the Link sticker.
Step #7: Once you have put the link, ask any user to respond to that particular NGL app or say, let everyone respond.
Step #8: Go to NGL app and check for all the responses which are anonymous.


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