How To Download an e-PAN Card from Govt website: Step-by-step instructions

If you are unaware, every Indian citizen aged 18 and above needs to have a PAN Card as an official document available as a physical copy. You will need to submit your PAN card copy for income tax returns purposes, during induction of your new job and a photo identity apart from your Aadhaar card. Depending upon the use cases, you will have to produce a physical copy or a digital copy of your PAN card and the original one to show for.

What if you want to show your digital PAN Card or say you want an e-PAN card to obtain a printout for XYZ reasons? You can get an e-PAN Card from two different but official government websites i.e. NSDL or UTIITSL operates under the Income Tax Department of India. It is super easy to obtain an e-PAN card but for those who are uninitiated, we have your backs. Following is an extract on how you can download an e-PAN Card from both NSDL and UTIITSL using simple step-by-step instructions.

How To Download a PAN Card from NSDL?

How To Download an e-PAN Card from Govt website: Step-by-step instructionsStep 01: First up, go to the official government website of NSDL ( This is the direct link to downloading the e-PAN Card.
Step 02: Next, you will see two options on top aka ‘Acknowledgement Number’ and ‘PAN’. Select the ‘PAN’ option since we are trying to download the PAN card here.
Step 03: Now, you need to enter the 10-digit PAN number followed by entering your 12-digit Aadhaar number.
Step 04: You will be asked to enter the month and year of your birth. Check out the captcha and mention it as you recognize it.
Step 05: Next, tap on ‘Submit’.
Step 06: A OTP is required at this step where you can ask for OTP via mobile or email. Mention the details as asked and hit ‘Generate OTP’.
Step 07: An OTP should be generated on your email or number that you need to mention and ‘Validate’.
Step 08: The next screen will show you your e-PAN card online in a PDF format or XML that you need to download.
Step 09: You will have to pay a sum of 8.26/- to download the e-PAN Card from NSDL.

How To Download a PAN Card from UTIITSL?

Here’s how you can download an e-PAN Card from the UTIITSL website.

How To Download an e-PAN Card from Govt website: Step-by-step instructions
Step #1: Go to first.
Step #2: Now, you will be asked to enter a 10-digit PAN Card number along with the month and year of birth in a MM/YYYY format as asked.
Step #3: You will have to enter a captcha and hit the ‘Submit’ button.
Step #4: Just like you have read on NDSL, you will have to provide your email or mobile number to generate an OTP.
Step #5: Once you get the OTP, enter it and Submit it.
Your e-PAN Card should be automatically downloaded with of the last step mentioned above. Note that you will be needing the password to access your e-PAN card, read the section below to know how.

What is your e-PAN Card Password?

When you download your e-PAN or simply, PAN Card, the file is locked with a password that you need to enter. You have to remember that the password is in this format – DDMMYYYY, where it is your birth date. For instance, if your birthday is 01/01/1998, then your PAN card password will be ‘01011998’ and that’s it.


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