One important and expected trait of a premium flagship phones is that they should look the part. Now, that’s indeed easier said than done. To rethink a rectangle every which way without compromising on ergonomics, comfort and internal space to house those powerful components is no mean task. Neither can all manufacturers afford engineering prowess and R&D infrastructure to execute such distinctive designs, especially for mid-range handsets.

Honor 8 Pro, however, stands as an exception – one that looks absolutely stunning and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Let’s enumerate 5 Honor 8 Pro design traits that impressed us.

No Camera Bump

A big restraint in Smartphone photography is the limited space for the light gathering sensor. Manufacturers face a tough time working around this constraint and, more often than not, consumers have to compromise with at least some degree of camera bump.

The Honor 8 Pro, however, manages to deliver flagship grade camera performance by combining two 12MP sensors (one color and one monochrome) that sit completely flush with the back. It’s indeed impressive that there is no ugly camera hump that you’ll have to endure in spite of the extremely slim body!

Solid Metal

The Honor 8 Pro feels extremely solid in hands, thanks to its charming metal back. It must be said that this is no accident that its full metal rear feels so reassuring in hands. The metal goes through more than 100 manufacturing process before it’s machined to perfection.

It’s evident a lot of work and effort has gone in making the Honor 8 Pro, and even if you don’t realize it, your fingers will surely feel the difference.

Slim and Ergonomic

Another major win for Huawei is the fact that it has managed to house a gigantic 5.7-inch display and a massive 4000mAh battery in just a 7mm thin casing.

The Honor 8 Pro is astoundingly slim, something that also makes it super manageable in spite of its large form factor. You can easily maneuver the phone while playing games or while enjoying multimedia content on the Honor 8 Pro. Because of its slim profile, it feels equally awesome even when it’s planted in a protective case.

Stylish Rounded Edges and Narrow Bezels

Even from the front, the Honor 8 Pro feels mesmerizing. And the large chunk of credit for that goes to the gorgeous 5.7-inch QHD display panel that dominates the front and counts as one of the Honor 8 Pros greatest strength. But also, the 2.5D Glass laden fascia has very narrow bezels surrounding the display. Besides the rounded metal edges that seamlessly merge into the glass fascia makes it all the more appealing, while also lending the phone a nice grip.

Antenna Bands

Where and how to place antenna bands on a smartphone has always been perplexing for manufacturers. Oddly designed antenna bands could be reason enough for a phone to lose its ingeniousness.

Honor 8 Pro

Thankfully, the Honor 8 pro tastefully integrates Antenna bands and even makes them an integral part of the entire design. The bands run through the camera capsule, secondary microphone, and dual-tone flash on the rear and thus don’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Honor 8 Pro Design

All said and done, the Honor 8 Pro has been carved with utmost precision and everything about the design works. It looks remarkable, is super comfortable to use, and feels incredibly durable. Huawei manages to tick all the right design boxes and that too without inflating the price. The Honor 8 Pro is a mid-range phone that can give even tier-1 flagships a run for their money.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article.


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