Email has been the new means of professional as well as personal communication for more than two decades now. For over a very long time, email has served as the best means to wire information and data from one place to other over the internet. And for as long as I have known email, attachments have been an integral part which serve as an added advantage to the users to share important files. Images, audios, videos, text documents, zip files and much more can be exchanged via attachments in an email.


The modern day thing about chats and texting is emoctions, picture texts, expression images and GIF animations. Though many messengers like Facebook messenger offer you in built animations which you can use to express your mood, but there are others which contain simple face symbols for the same purpose. Speaking of GIF animations, they are a really trending thing. Mostly they are used to shoot funny comments and can be popularly found in Facebook comments.

Now a GIF animation has become an email thing as well. As per the latest research on internet, Giphy is a platform which provides ready to use GIF animations depending upon the purpose of use. Google had added Giphy extension to the Chrome browser, from which pre-defined GIF animations can be picked for utilization. This could really be a fun activity to kill the boredom contained in emails, especially when it is a friend or relative of yours you are communicating with. You can pop in a GIF into your email by using the Compose window in Gmail once you have installed the Giphy extension in your Google Chrome internet browser.


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