Just when we assume that we have heard the last of Android One, the project adamantly keeps surfacing rather unexpectedly.

For those new to the subject, Android One project was a Google initiative to push first class Android experience and the latest Android updates even to budget and entry-grade Android phones. The first set of Android one phones, where Google decided hardware components being used, were really impressive for their price (not on paper, though), ran Android KitKat out of the box and even received version updates till Android Marshmallow update (even when they had just 4GB of internal storage!).


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The project wasn’t a major success, primarily because Google couldn’t convince OEM partners to participate. Google later relaxed its norms in an attempt to revitalize the project and also Android One phones were later launched in Africa, Spain, Turkey, and Portugal.

The latest reports from The Information reveal that Google will now be launching Android One phones in USA in the second quarter of 2017. This could be an important strategic point for both Android One and Google.

While Pixel phones will represent Google’s Android vision at its best, the Android One phones will lend it better control over its Software in the entry-level segment of the market.

Reportedly, LG could be one of the partners supplying Android one phones in the U.S. Besides software updates, Google will also handle marketing for Android One phones in USA. If the project receives a favorable response in the US, we might soon see partners extending these mid-range handsets to global markets as well!


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