Google is really the biggest tech giant that the world has seen till date and in fact the biggest that the world might ever see. The most popular smartphone operating system, Android is one of the best contributions ever made by Google to the tech world. Powering more than 80% of smartphones, Android has turned out to be the most pioneer software platform to be invented. And the credit goes to Google Play Store for being a seamless service provider to grant success countless number of apps to the users.


Google Play store has now released an update which would mark the firmware to version 5.5. The update brings about quite a few interesting changes in the interface and the functionality of the store as well. The major changes can be observed across the TV shows section of the store. Once you click on a TV show, it opens with radially outward directed circular transition which makes the view beautiful like never before. The transition adds to the charm of the experience of surfing through the TV shows mentioned in the store list.

Another interesting change that will come along with the new update build is the mention of popular quotes and phrases mentioned in the reviews that are posted for the TV shows listed on the store. This will help a user to jump directly to some helpful reviews that will give the most precise and proximate analysis of a TV show that a user looks for once he shuffles across several reviews. The word or phrase which has been used by many users will be highlighted along with the list of users who have used that word. This update will soon be rolling out to all Android users as we speak of it, but the circular animated transition will only be visible to Android Lollipop 5.1 users. To watch the new update in action, check out the video below.


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