Google Now on Tap was perhaps the most exiting feature of Android Marshmallow when Google first announced it at Google IO 2015, but in practice it felt incomplete. It was inconsistent at delivering what was expected. When it worked it felt miraculous, but more often than not it was frustrating.

Google now on tap text select feature

Nevertheless, it’s a great Idea and the one only Google can sustain. Today Google introduced a few more changes which should have significant impact. Instead of Now On Tap contextually picking search subjects, you can feed it precisely what you wish it to explore. With the new update, you can select text you want Google Now to look into or search by images.

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Now on tap image search feature smartprix

Now on Tap can also recognize image in your camera viewfinder and return associated card.

So next time you are reading something and come across a person you wish to know more about. Just activate Now on Tap by long pressing the home button and select the pointer thing from the bar below. Now you can select that individual’s name and get a Card that gives more information including links to his/her Twitter, YouTube, Instagram handles etc.


The Idea is cool to work with, though I am still not sure If I will be doing this very often. And yes, there is still room for improvement here.

To sum it up here is how Google puts it:

“With today’s update, we’re taking things one step further: you can now select the exact word or phrase that you’d like help with and get info about images or photos.”

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