Google Maps already had the option to save maps for offline usage, but the latest update makes the whole thing less confusing and more efficient. You can now search for names of cities, states or countries and download offline maps you need.In countries like India, where data connections are very unreliable, this feature will certainly make a huge difference.

The limitations remain same. Your offline maps will expire in 30 days and you might have to update them again even before expiry date, in case Google updates and adds new streets or places to your saved maps areas.

Earlier to the option was available from menu, but apparently, now you can download bigger maps and the process is more conspicuous.

How to download Google Maps Offline?

Step 1: Open maps app and search for an area














Step 2: Drag the area name from below and hit the download option

Screenshot_2015-11-19-12-49-58 (1)


Step 3: Now adjust the size of blue square and bring the area you wish to download (by zooming in or zooming out) within its periphery and press save button.


Step 4: Name the area you have downloaded and tap save

That’s it you are done. You can now access turn by turn navigation, search for specific destinations, and find useful information about places without exhausting precious mobile data. Google says its working on more offline features for Maps, which shall roll out soon.

“Having a spotty internet connection shouldn’t mean you miss your next turn. With the launch of these new offline features, like turn by turn navigation and the ability to search for places, we hope it will be easier for people in India to find their way using Google maps.” explains Suren Ruhela, Director, Google Maps.


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