Google is the biggest tech giant the world has seen till date and when it comes to security and privacy issues related to Google, people have no second thoughts about themselves feeling totally safeguarded by the world’s largest IT firm. Google has been the one stop spot for many services all clubbed together in one place.


Before a few months, Google Talk or GTalk was a thing of present. But now it has been totally replaced by a new service called Hangouts which is an exceptional joy to experience chat powered by Google on smartphones. Recently there has been an issue picked up by several agencies that Google hangouts, though encrypted by Google, does not offer detailed information on wiretapping the privacy related data. American Civil Liberties Union’s Christopher Soghoian questioned the same thing about why Google has not been offering detailed information on the encryption of Hangouts like that of all other services provided by Google.

There has been appropriate answer shot by Google yet and this has surprised Hangout users quite effectively. Google’s director for law enforcement and information security, Richard Slagado went off the track saying that the encryption of Google Hangouts is still in transit and is already providing appropriate wiretapping information to the government agencies which have the required authority. This made very clear that Hangouts does not work on end to end encryption method and has access to all your Hangout chats which can be accessed anytime by the US government upon its order.


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