nexus 5 review and specifications

Google has reportedly stopped the production of the former flagship phone, Nexus 5. And Google has also disclosed that Nexus 5 won’t be available any longer on Google store to buy. The buying page of Nexus 5 on the Google store displays a message saying, “the Nexus 5 is no longer available for purchase” and a “Not Available button” displaying in the upper right corner. The move follows a report from December that Google had ceased production of the Nexus 5, with one company spokesman suggesting that potential buyers get them while they can because “once they are gone, they’re gone.”

nexus 6 review and specifications

As reported by Google to The Verge, their focus is no more on the past referring to the latest device in the Nexus family, Nexus 6 which was created by Motorola, a Lenovo owned brand. Nexus 6 has skipped over from smartphone to the phablet segment by carving out a 6 inch display in the Nexus 6. Nexus 6 has been the most expensive flagship device by Google yet and on the same side, the device with the richest features. Nexus 6 can be purchased online from Google and Motorola for USD 649 (INR 42,500).


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