Google just announced a new VR content format, called VR180, for video sharing purposes. It was devised by the company’s Daydream team in collaboration with YouTube, and can work with both prerecorded as well as live streaming content.

The new camera is also compatible with Google Cardboard, PSVR and, of course, Daydream.

YouTube already supports VR, stereoscopic 3D and 360-degree content, and the VR180 would be the latest addition to this list. The company holds the notion that it will make the job easier for its users to create their own content, and edit them using Adobe Premier Pro or any other standard editing software.

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Furthermore, the content created with it would work in both ‘with VR’ and ‘without VR’ environment, and although the company refused to divulge as to whether it would be restricted to 180-degree video or not, the format’s name and the description that came with the post the company put up (‘VR180 video focuses on what’s in front of you’), all but confirms it.

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There are already a few videos present in the format as we speak, and someone has also compiled playlist of those, too. These are being said to be working fine both with and without the help of a VR headset (although the performance has been found to be better with a headset).

Additionally, the post said that the company is working with noted manufacturers such as Lenovo and LG, in order to make cameras designed specially for the VR180 format. Also, the company has issued a certification for the format that manufacturers can refer to, to ensure their goods meet the necessary requirements.

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