Festive season is at its full fervor and if you have been sitting on the fence so far, now is the time to weigh your options and take that final plunge. Motorola has announced its Happy Diwali Sales where it is offering discount of 1000 INR on most smartphones, 5000 INR on Moto X2 and Nexus 6 and around 10K on Moto Turbo. You can avail these deals on Flipkart App from 7th to 9th November.

You can also avail further discount in exchange for your old gadgets. The complete list of discount offers is as follows:

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Model Current Price Offer Price Exchange Offer (INR)
Moto E2 (3G) 5,999 INR 4,999 INR NA
Moto E2 (4G) 6,999 INR 5,999 INR NA
Moto G3 (16 GB) 12,999 INR 11,999 INR Up to 5000
Moto G3 (8 GB) 11,999 INR 10,999 INR Up to 5000
Nexus 6 29,999 INR 24,999 INR Up to 10000
Moto Turbo 41,999 INR 31,999 INR Up to 15000
Moto X2 19,999 INR 14,999 INR Up to 7000
Moto X Play (32GB) 19,999 INR 18,999 INR Up to 8000
Moto X Play (16GB) 18,499 INR 17,499 INR Up to 8000
Moto X Style (16GB) 29,999 INR 29,999 INR Up to 15000
Moto X Style (32GB) 31,999 INR 31,999 INR Up to 15000
Moto G2 (4G LTE) 8,999 INR 8,999 INR NA

Out of these Moto X2 seems to be the sweetest deal at 15k, though it also depends on what you are looking for in your next smartphone.

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